14-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesAnimals and Pets
This little girl came from a high intake shelter where she was brought in with obvious neurological issues. That shelter didnt have the space to allow for time to see if it could heal her. When she came in she only had sight here and there and looked like a horrible mess. With some TLC and time, this little girl recovered 100%!! Its beyond amazing! She is a bit timid at 1st because of the drama...
Adopt MARLEY a Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut Golden Retriever / Mixed dog in HARRISONVILLE, MO (22872021)
14-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
Adopt Princess a Gray, Blue or Silver Tabby Domestic Short hair / Mixed cat in Belton, MO (19295670) great with cats, great with dogs, great with children, spayed/neutered
14-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
What to say about Amanda......we believe that Amanda has basically been to hell and back. She was obviously abused and/or tormented. She is constantly trying to defend herself and protect her "stuff". When she calms down, she loves affection but is constantly scared that you will begin tormenting her if she lets her guard down, so she doesn't. Amanda came to us with a bad open wound around her ...
14-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
Diamond Girl was living in the yard of a man who was feeding her kittens but providing only 1 bowl of food for the whole colony. Pregnant again and still nursing her previous litter, she was desperate for food, and the man was angry when she tried to eat from the same bowl as her kittens. A volunteer, assuming Diamond Girl was feral and that the kittens were young enough to be socialized, trapp...
14-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
We don't know Donovan's past and maybe we don't want to. Donovan was found in a garage when the finder moved into a new home. Abandoned and for no idea how long but he was a skeleton with fur and an obvious senior. Quickly with bloodwork we found out that he was hyperthyroid. We got that fixed up quickly and he began to gain weight and eat well. Donovan is a quiet gentle soul that loves affecti...
14-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
Joel is a survivor, he was found outside by some Great Samaritans and brought to their vet and told he had Cerebellar Hypoplasia. They tried to care for him but their vet didn't have much information or help to share. So 3 weeks after they rescued him he had only gotten worse. By the time we took over his care, he was nearly comatose from lack of food and hydration. Cerebellar Hypoplasia is com...
14-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
This is Linus! This wonderful guy came to HELP through a shelter-to-shelter transfer. While he was safe at the other facility, he has terrible allergy issues and the other facility was not equipped to provide the individualized care Linus needs. We have been working to help this exquisite Bengal boy find relief and have recently made some great progress. He will always require a special diet an...
14-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
This little doll face is such an awesome cat. She has quite a story to tell. She was living on the streets and as you can see from the eartip, she was spayed as part of a TNR (trap/neuter/return) program. She was being fed and doing ok but then she was injured. The people feeding called us for help with her and they trapped her and brought her to us. Her front paw was pretty mangled and we 1st ...
14-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
Petunia is the funniest big girl, she keeps us in stitches. She seeks attention but there is the 1 line you cross and she says "no". She was very timid when she entered the shelter but has come out of her shell. We have her on a "diet" and trying to get a few pounds off of her. She is just so entertaining and we just want someone to choose Petunia so she can live out her final years in someone'...
14-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
Reno lived with his mama since he was a baby, she recently passed away and Reno, along with his step sister Roxy, found himself living in a shelter during his senior years. This is something that is just so wrong on so many levels. Reno is very loving and affectionate and attentive. He absolutely adores people with laps, do you have 1 of those? Reno just needs someone to be understanding of his...
14-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
Roxy girl is an older girl that lost her mama to cancer, she had lived with her for 10yrs and then suddenly she was gone and Roxy was back in a shelter. Roxy is such a sweetheart, she is not an in your face type of kitty but 1 the seeks attention and a lap if you would be so kind. Its so wrong when seniors are living their lives out in shelters instead of surrounded by a family. Roxy is nice wi...
14-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
Oh boy, this girl is so crazy adorable, lots of crazy! Saffie Rose is 1 of a kind, she was given to us after she was attacked by a dog and the vets were not sure she would survive but wanted to give her a chance. She had a broken leg, broken sternum, broken pelvis and torn body wall (WHAT?!) The dog had shaken her like a toy and she was only a few months old. It was a long recovery and I can te...
14-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
Wonderful Mabella, she came to us with a broken jaw, well, technically a healed wrong broken jaw. She cant fully open her mouth but she is awesome at eating soft watered down food. She is a strong personality kitty, which is probably why she survived this. She went out on an adoption but three years later she was found on the streets again The adopter had let her go indoor/outdoor and was not f...
13-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
We have yet to figure out Nicolette, some of us believe that she may have been abused. Although she likes affection from people, she always appears to be on her guard with it. She was abandoned in our parking lot so we do not know any of her background. She also appears to be scared of cats and several have picked up on that and pick on her. We have gotten her to play with toys and we get so ex...
13-Aug-2018Drexel, MO +21 milesCats for Sale
Adoption charge : $70.00 Please visit our website http://www.warmfuzzys.org to fill out an adoption policy & view our adoption guidelines. Please read through our policies as they are strictly enforced. Thank you.
12-Aug-2018Raymore, MO +12 milesDogs for Sale
8-10-18 IRIS - Iris is three years old and 10 lbs. Shes so sweet and cute. She has had an eye removed due to an injury. Shes good with other dogs, walks good on lead and shes house and crate trained. She is spayed, micro-chipped, and current on he...
12-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
Violet lived with a family for 10 yrs until she became a diabetic She was brought into the shelter and we got her diabetes under control and she is doing good. She is not that crazy about other cats but she exists with them and doesnt cause i...
12-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
This boy is incredible! Seriously, a nice cat! He gets along well with other cats, he adores people and play. He loves to play so much, that is why he lost his home. The resident cat was a senior and wanted nothing to do with Kreacher and play. The r...
12-Aug-2018Belton, MO +16 milesCats for Sale
Phoebe is a dream kitty except for her medical issues. She is so calm and loving and wants to be brushed and wants a quiet home. She was brought to us after a finder pulled her inside and found out that she had seizures. Imagine living on the streets...
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