15-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesDogs for Sale
Human allergies
15-Oct-2018Lee's Summit, MO+17 milesDogs for Sale
DOB: 06/09/18 Current Weight(as of 10/18): 29 pounds Adoption payment: $225 includes one week trial to ensure everyone's happiness. Boomer was surrendered by his family that could no longer care for him. This puppy is quite the wiggler! He is so friendly and doesn't know a stranger human or animal. Just an absolute lovebug! Pups are NOT house broken and should not be expected to wait more than ...
14-Oct-2018Grandview, MO+20 milesBirds for Sale
Max is 1 of three macaws recently taken in from a sanctuary that closed. We have virtually no details on Max, but he really acts like he wants a friend. Max has some special needs, but nothing extreme. We hope he can find a forever home with so...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
Elizabeth was born in a feral cat colony and trapped to be spayed, we thought she was a kitten, but she was an fullgrown that was very small. We decided to take her into the shelter instead of releasing her because of that. She has since decided that two leggeds are not bad and she truly loves affection. If she doesnt know you, she will be a bit timid at 1st, but she warms up. She has such an l...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
Is this boy stunning or not? He literally looks like he is "painted". He was rescued from a horrible situation where cats were just breeding and breeding and no 1 was even feeding them. Luckily they lived through it and got to safety at our shelter. Pop is very timid with strangers, so he would need a kind patient person to adopt him. He really loves affection but wow, he is just too scared to ...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
Maggie Magpie was adopted out from us in 2002 as a kitten, she was returned to us recently and is now looking for a new family. Maggie is very talkative and will definitely tell you if she is not getting enough attention, she drools when she is getting attention. She lived without dogs and cats during the eight years she was in a home, so she is very intimidated by them, so we need to find her ...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
Is he just THE most attractive boy?! Tundra is a VERY affectionate boy that would love to have a lap to lounge on. He just lives for attention from people. Although on 1st approach, he is sometimes apprehensive if he doesn't know you, but it only take a couple seconds for him to get over that if it means he gets some affection. Tundra is very picky about his felines friends, he gets along nice ...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
Gia is an wonderful little apple-faced girl. When we pulled her from a high kill shelter she just wasnt sure what was going on, she was confused and scared. 1 of our foster homes took her home to give her some security. She is much better now and loves lovin'. Her coat is like rabbit fur. She just needs a quiet home and she is awesome with other cats if you are looking for a friend for your kit...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
Check out a video of this girl here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gt5SvwtSRcg Is this girl ate up with stunning or what? Jules came to our program with four babies in tow. She was quite defensive with her babies, she was such a great mother! Since her babies have all gone to their homes, Jules is now very friendly and affectionate. She is not that crazy about some other cats, but come on now, ...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
Check out a video of this sweetie here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLNek4SjIPE Monica was pulled from a high kill shelter just before her time expired. She is a bit confused but who could blame her, she has been in 2 shelters in just a matter of a week. She loves to have her back scratched and does the booty elevator when you scritch her back. She really needs a family to give her some secur...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
Chance came to us barely alive, he was just a skeleton with fur. You could see in his eyes that he had given up. We believe that he was just a short time from death. He didnt really have the strength to eat dry food and barely nibble on canned. So we hand fed him until he began to eat on his own and each day we watched him get stronger and stronger and the will to live return. He is a bit timid...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
Gingerbread hasnt had an easy time of things. She was given up by her 1st family because they could no longer take care of her. She had been fed people food and was barely able to get around because of her weight. Our veterinarian was able to get her weight to a more bearable weight for her and she was much healthier, she then went out to another family and started having seizures, so they brou...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
Austin is a extra adorable boy that is so laid back. He seeks attention and affection. He is not rattled by much, he appears to just go with the flow. He is good with other cats and has even hung out with some dogs & pups. He is not intrusive at all, even though he seeks attention, he is not an in-your-face sort of boy. 2010 update: Austin was diagnosed with IBD, but please dont let that make o...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
Sunni is a stunning Russian Blue........when he was a tiny baby, he had horrible bloated stomach problems. It was determined that he had Mega Colon. After an extensive surgery to fix it, he actually had problems with the stool leaking. That is much better now but the veterinarian just doesnt know a long-term prognosis on a cat this young with this type of surgery.....its usually done on older c...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
This absolutely cute gentle souled girl is an overlooked gem. Anna Jane, although young, has a vertebra issue where there are very little space between some of them and her spine also slopes. This causes her to walk with a funny gait and not too steady. However, even though she is differently disabled, she is so precious and just wants a loving safe home. She is intimidated by other cats but ge...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
This sweet boy was brought into a high intake shelter last year and was going to be sent to a barn because he was so shy. A couple of volunteers worked with him and were thrilled at how he warmed up to them and learned to trust them. He was transferred to us from the high intake shelter so he would have more time to find his home. During his stay, we found that he needed to be on a special diet...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
Cady is a precious, soft as a bunny little nugget. Meet Cady! This little punkin entered a high intake shelter and they knew something was wrong but couldn't put their finger on it. She spent time in a foster home while they tried figuring it out. After a while they contacted us and asked if we could intake her. We agreed. After spending a couple days with us, we witnessed her having a very bad...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
Chili is a shy girl that would need time to trust someone. She spent most of her time away from us humans, she is not aggressive just very shy. Chili, girl, born approximately 2006
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
If you look at this little girl s left ear, you will notice she has an eartip. That means she was trapped from a feral cat colony to be spayed/vaccinated and released. Sometimes we find some that are actually not feral just timid and scared. So, we decided to keep Janie with us and work on her socialization. She has come so far and we all love her but she is still timid and cautious with strang...
14-Oct-2018Belton, MO+16 milesCats for Sale
If this brave boy doesnt touch your heart, well, its not like he hasnt tried. This boy was born with undeveloped eye balls and is totally blind. He was found by a family and given a home for 9yrs but recently they left him at a high intake shelter where there was little they were going to be able to do for him. We rescued him and brought him to our shelter for evaluation and the treatment he wo...
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